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Need for Improved CAD Detection
The COR Analyzer® System
Clinical Workflow Integration
Clinical Workflow Integration
The COR Analyzer operates seamlessly in the background while CT scans are processed as usual. Patient image data flows automatically from the acquisition station to the COR Analyzer while it is being sent to the primary CT processing and review workstation. The COR Analyzer automatically recognizes the CT data and launches a sophisticated analysis process, which provides both final patient results and a detailed visualization of the findings. For multiphase studies, the COR Analyzer automatically selects the best phase for each blood vessel and indicates which phase was used in the analysis.

Cor AnalyzerTM Workflow Diagram

The entire process requires no human intervention or deviation from standard protocols - it’s all done in a shadow mode, without disrupting workflow. The results are displayed individually for each patient; a simple icon appears, indicating the analysis is complete and the results are displayed. Curved MPR images of major coronaries with marked lesions can be automatically sent to a PACS or other DICOM workstations as a secondary capture series.
The COR Analyzer also automatically reports all of the findings in the form of curved MPR images and a clinical summary. The report can be automatically
sent to the physician’s e-mail and/or blackberry/iPhone.


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