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Need for Improved CAD Detection
The COR Analyzer® System
Clinical Workflow Integration
The COR Analyzer® System incorporates a set of proprietary patent pending image processing algorithms. The fully automated processing features of the product include the abilities to:
• Isolate the heart region within a study
• Find major anatomical structures
• Locate the coronary artery tree and track the arteries
• Label coronary artery segments
• Segment the blood vessel internals and draw an accurate center line
• Detect severe stenotic lesions

Findings can be easily verified and validated using simple visualization tools including standard 2-D projections, schematic 3-D and curved MPR views. The system automatically generates a report which includes a summary of findings and curved MPR snapshots. It can be easily edited by the physician to produce the final report.

The automatically generated curved MPR images with marked detected lesions can be exported to any PACS/Workstation either manually or automatically upon completion of processing. These images will appear as secondary capture series for the corresponding study. 

Main Features - all automatic with no human interaction

  • Flags patients that are suspevted of having significant lesions in coronary arteries
  • Display 3D coronary tree & curved MPRs with marked lesions
  • Generates a report with summary of findings and curved MPR snapshots
  • Export results to PACS and workstation
  • Deliver the report by e-mail (cell phone)
  • Run on any 64 or higher CT scanner



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